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Education Arts Canada (made possible through funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation)
Touring Production (York & Simcoe region schools), Winter/Spring 2019
director/book writer · Ali Joy Richardson
producer/lyricist  · David Gershon
composer · Judy Adelman Gershon
performers · Hayden Finkelshtain, Robin Luckwaldt, Jamie Joong Watts, & Liam Lynch

Jay has it all – popularity, talent, and an awesome best friend. But when his friend moves away, Jay’s plans to run for Student Council lead to public humiliation in the school cafeteria. Angry and embarrassed, Jay tries to topple the frontrunner for president. As his frustration builds, Jay’s world spins out of control. For Jay, emotional regulation turns out to be an even bigger challenge than getting elected. But making the journey back from bully to hero is worth the effort.

Created in consultation with an Advisory Committee of mental health professionals and educators, Jay VS The World. is a touring musical for Grades 4-6. It aims to destigmatize mental health disorders for young audiences while offering strategies for managing emotions.

To book Jay VS The World for your school, please contact Education Arts Canada.

Photos: David Gershon