Photo: Tanja Tiziana

Photo: Tanja Tiziana

The Next Stage Theatre Festival: A Bear Awake in Winter
(Playwright, Director, Producer)
January 10 - 20, 2019
2007. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A high school band class. A new teacher from Toronto wants to be an inspiration to his jaded students but is afraid to come out to them. A boy bullies a girl in insidious ways until she takes matters into her own hands. An act of violence at a school dance fractures the community. This is a dark, funny, and difficult story about the fight to stand up for yourself.

Featuring: Michaela Di Cesare, Andy Trithardt, Andrew Di Rosa, Bria McLaughlin, Danny Pagett, Natasha Ramondino, & Hershel Blatt


May 9-12, 2019 >> stay tuned for more details soon…!
After a hit run in the 2018 Toronto Fringe Festival, she’s back…!
Meet Roxy Roberts: motivational speaker/self-defence coach. She's professional. She's unorthodox. And she's here to HELP!
Get ready - this is Tony Robbins, meets your aunt who sends you terrifying chain-emails of safety tips, meets the 6-foot-tall girl who’s never been asked to dance. Roxy’s gonna change your life... whether you like it or not. 
This ruthless new comedy about teaching fear and courage comes from one of the artists behind past Toronto Fringe sell-outs: Andy Warhol Presents: Valerie, The Dinner Table, and Get Yourself Home Skyler James.